I’m that girl

I’m that girl you know, that one who’s not sure of who I am. That girl that’s scared I’m never enough you know

I’m that girl who feels I’m not good enough  for you, I suck at everything, you really can’t solve my case cause I am a lost cause really. 

I’m that girl who’s scared to speak out what’s on my mind because I fear you won’t accept it. 

I’m that girl who’s scared to stand out, No I’m not shy of a crowd, am just scared of being rejected by them. 

I’m that girl who can’t tell you how I really feel about alot because you would laugh it off and assume it’s just me and my crazy talk. 

I’m that girl who doesn’t belong to your clique, I’ll never fit in and I know it. I don’t get to have expensive taste in wine and jewelry so you see we cannot fit. 

I’m that girl who’s in love with you but can’t do anything about it. I am that girl who loves you but it’s safer I do not… 

#Valentine #February 


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