My new year resolution. 

We are way into the new year already and every other person on planet earth is all about their business and all making plans on sticking to their new year resolutions made at the beginning of the year. Already some people have made away with their resolutions😅pardon us it is expected(how do you expect me to say I will never take zobo ever again and expect me to stick to the plan though 😂).

Yesterday at mass, my Reverend Father spoke about new year resolutions hence my zeal to write on my new year resolutions. He said this year’s resolutions should be centered on being content. Contentment equals being satisfied or being pleased. The Contentment he was referring to though is being satisfied with what one has, not being greedy or having a large eye towards acquiring more things or wealth when people around you do not have enough or own nothing at all. 

New year resolutions are believed to have gained roots in the ancient city of Babylon and people all over the world started copying them but in their case they made promises to the gods of their lands in order to gain favor and blessings towards their crops and well being. Early Christians however believed the first day of the year should be spent on sober reflections on the past year and improve oneself in the coming year(please we already know I culled this from somewhere). 

Enough about my historical talk, let’s move to how I want my new year to look like and all the vows I decided to say this year all because my friends were all talking about the changes they would go through this year. There is no harm in trying now is there? 😁I’ve never been one to make resolutions every year rather I make vows concerning my life every few weeks, days, at times in a space of an hour and every now and then  something always comes along to spoil my shine. This doesn’t stop me though from engaging in activities that would make me stick to my resolution in one way or another, an example was when I said I wanted to stop taking Coca-Cola, I did actually but then I replaced my coke with Zobo(we can always work something out 😂). 

2016 was a tough year for a whole lot of people and I’m not one to say it didn’t affect me in one way or another. I had my ups and downs but most importantly is I didn’t let events that happened weigh me down a second longer than necessary. I stopped dwelling on negativity but focused on the positives (now I am beginning to sound like a psychologist 😂😂, Lord help me) I wanted to engage in a lot of stuffs last year and I found myself not doing anything at all. This year though I plan to be better. So let’s see all the statements I’ve made from January 1 till today and of course evaluate the ones I’ve carried out and others I’ve swept under the rug 😂


1.This year I plan on being busy, not just busy doing nothing but being productive (Amen Jesus, Amen😣🙏) 

2.I want to stay away from unhealthy relationships(everybody knows I have a wonderful talent of attracting every Tom, Dick and Harry😥) 

3. Most people were doing new year am gonna cut off most people from my life (😂😂where were you guys when we were cutting them off in September though??) so, let me join and say I’m gonna cut off extra people 😂

4. My sister just got into a new relationship this year and I am proud to say it is her first serious relationship and of course she’s hype about it you know apart from the fact I’m just being a bad belle about it by displaying negativity towards their self-acclaimed happiness and excess display of love and affection towards each other (you see how I explained this 😂I’m just a hater but deep down I love them both you know) so, my new year resolution would probably be start working towards building a serious relationship with some random guy who I would like at first sight, torment with 207 selfies for my outfit for the day just so I can get useful essays as complements and not just Bae you look like the stars that shine at night 😂, we can take random walks in the evening just because we’re lowkey chilling for NEPA to bring light and for the insecticide to finish smelling inside the house (please and please am sincerely lying with this one because I actually hate long walks anywhere 😥). The idea is just having a somewhat serious relationship and No, I’m not talking about marriage because my sister would just have to get married first so I can practice handling kids with her children before having mine. 

Note to self: She (my sister) actually advised me to enjoy being in my final year and take school work alone seriously and start my entrepreneurial Ventures and let boys be(very painful something mehn😂) 

5. Stay away from sad and soulful music, please this includes staying away from Ed Sheeran, The Weekend, Shawn Mendes type of people. Reekado banks has suddenly started doing soulful music you know with Katapot, Hey stranger (😥😩😭😭kindly don’t do this to me this year please) Korede Bello too, please let us respect ourselves and just be doing Dorobucci please, I don’t want to waste tears this year mehnn, am saving it for my wedding day so I can impress Bella Naija people. But of course Ycee Zaddy, you’re allowed to do any type of music please because you got the key man😊

6. Appreciate my family more. Family means each and every one of you….. 

7. Most importantly getting into a closer relationship with God and God related matters(keep your sarcasm to yourself thank you), reading my devotionals and studying my Bible more often and not just on Sundays and when we have Christian conferences at school. I need that Jesus relationship you know the type where I get immense satisfaction and peace, communicating with the Holy Spirit and he replying me(I do envy my sister’s relations with the Holy Spirit too😣). Also when trying to be a better person, I want to be able to conquer my fear of fasting 😂this is actually a serious problem cause I can actually stay two straight days without solid food and suddenly my Fellowship President accidentally announces “We would be having a fast by….” hunger by 08:00am suddenly appears and I won’t feel better till I eat😣😥. This is absolutely the work of the Devil, don’t tell me otherwise please cause I really don’t know why it feels like I’ll probably die if I do not eat at that given moment.(do add me up in your prayer requests please, thank you) 

8. I want to write alot this year, write on here, write my assignments, write up my project work, write up more for Badbelle (very important) and the strength to be able to carry out all these plans…

9. Another important resolution, Operation Skin Must Glow 2017😂Life must glow cause we must just belong to the pepper them Gang.. 😘😎

Before the bunny who listens to new year resolutions and carries them to the gods forgets my former requests, let me leave my essay here.. 

Happy new year Dearies 😇

PS: I stole this image from the Link-up  Zaddy 😂😅yes yes, I’ve also cleared out my chats too but please call me back 😂😂I been wan form💞


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