Letter to H


Dear H, 

I hate the fact we’re no longer together. I hate that I don’t get to call you. I also hate that I can’t buzz your phone and blow it up with unnecessary messages. I hate that I called you and you ignored my calls. I always want to say something about your snap stories but I remember that was us in another life. I saw your snap yesterday though, that girl is really pretty (I am proud) 

I hate that I miss you and I can’t let you know. I hate I can’t tell you how my day went even the most unnecessary info. I hate I can’t torment you with my no makeup pictures that is just pure horror 😆and you still choose to ignore and call me fine girl. I hate we don’t talk anymore. You know I no longer look forward to chatting with just anybody. I still look at every message pop on my phone still hoping it would be you,a girl can dream hhunn😢

Yes, I pulled off this crazy outfit the other day and my sister thought it  was amazing 😂I wanted to tell you and hype myself hoping you would spoil it as usual and call me agbaya but I couldn’t chat you up because we no longer cool like that, sooo here goes. I miss you calling me agbaya too😆my bestfriend called me that once and I thought it was you😊😥

I miss you so much that’s why I hate you. I once told you you have attachment issues with me, such a joke coz now I’m the only one going through all our chats every night and reliving every emotion I felt then. Haha, you won this one better luck next time to me I guess. I want you to know the 11 months I knew you were the best months in my life, we didn’t make a year but thank you for your smile, your laughter, your soul. Thank you for sharing you. 

I told you this months back “We can argue from now till next year,We may not speak to ourselves for  a reason and shii..like no matter tf happens yh between us I don’t  want you feeling you mean nothing OK??” I still feel this  way till this moment. 

I want you to keep being you coz you have a beautiful soul but most of us really don’t know  how to take care of your type no matter how much we adore your type.We only know how to destroy coz we’re just not used to someone loving us without holding back.


  • Merry Christmas Darling

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