My Only Talent. 

Heyyo, so I’m laying on my bed after having a late lunch of Rice and Plantain with vegetables because in the part of the country where I live, we are huge followers of healthy eating and vegetables are cheap here. I finally decided to log into my account today not because I have a following  but because I’ve been feeling a tad guilty for letting this wall remain gloom. 

It’s a known fact I own no talent par of course excellence in sleep, food and laziness that is almost termed divine. My only talent though  is the act of Procrastination😦. Don’t judge, I was to type this last night and I shifted it to today after convincing myself I need to sleep early because I’m adhering judiciously to my Doctor’s orders. Procrastination is so so bad it’s almost termed an infectious  disease. One moment I plan to do a particular task and before I know what’s happening I’ve posted it to another time that I assume would be more appropriate for me. It’s terrible I tell you like arrgh. The funny part about Procrastination is when you plan an important job to do, you find yourself weighing the pros and cons involved if you actually hurry up to do it. One time I remember I was to pay my fees at school and I  had the money at hand, I planned to pay my fees the next morning because I didn’t want to walk up school that particular hot afternoon. I got back to my room and lo and behold the lady selling rice decided to show up just like that. Yes, don’t judge,i did buy the food and convinced myself since I was already spending the money I might as well buy a bottle of coke to step everything down. I tried really hard you know not to buy the food but the devil did have a hand in it because I wasn’t hungry till the lady started singing “buy your fried rice here, your delicious and sexy rice” I do hate when she calls it sexy though because  not only does my imagination picture my rice wearing a bikini cloth, it also does this annoying sultry dance in my head so so disgusting I tell you. The food vendor needs to stop saying that. 

Procrastination has it’s advantages though like what if it’s divine intervention and God indeed had a  hand in delaying you from carrying out a said task that more or less was to be harmful to you, at least that’s what I tell myself when I start feeling a tad bit guilty. There are a few people out there like me though who battle with procrastinating a lot of things they want to do, I really hope we end up okay. No, we’re not lazy we just participate in activities that’s worthy of our time after all time indeed does not wait for one. 

P.s: I’ve lost the vibe I had to type on this particular text yo but I’ll get back to this okay. So you tell me what your talent is. Have a lovely week lovelies.. 

P.p.s: I started writing this like 2 weeks back and I played myself again I completed it just now with nothing… 


4 thoughts on “My Only Talent. 

  1. Lol you just wanted to put up a post for sakes.

    Procrastination is a disease! Pray and bind it from your life. I’m still a sufferer. Don’t be like me.

    Save yourself

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