A day in my crazy life

One would think being almost the last born would permit you a little bit of space ptfff that’s just not the case.My younger brother has clearly stated he is the boss and sharing his title with you is not going to happen.
I was the last born for two years though before he suddenly appeared, in my little girl’s eyes I didn’t realize this was the coup that was overthrowing my being in power. Cherubic looking face and all,this boy had this all planned right from heaven.
Anyway,the story continues…My dad happens to be like most fathers quiet and reserved while his wife happens to be the direct opposite. I swear most times I literally see fire in her eyes,she’s like Cookie in her own rights. You know how they say evil company corrupts good manners,yes it doesn’t matter your age once your association is evil(not in the actual sense) you end up picking a few habits,my dad has fallen victim by associating too much with my mother he has started nagging which slowly drives my sibling and I insane. Suffice to say my dad is still cool.
I have quite a number of friends and acquaintances who have been grouped categorically from childhood friends,to closest friends,to best friends,to sisters and brothers,a lot of fake boyfriends and husbands. Pardon me but I’ve never really had a real relationship because any guy that ever comes close is usually threatened by the fact I know a lot of guys and then stupidly uses the phrase “you have to make a choice,either I go or they go” like why would you want to do that though? Hehe,anyway I did have this open/close relationship with some guy for two years. Open in the sense he had the liberty to do whatever the hell pleased him,he had the right to have anything with other girls as far as he doesn’t rub it in my friends face which in turn gets to me,Closed in the sense that I was the one being faithful. You may look at it that I was being cheated and stupid. I like to look at it as business deal where we both benefited from,his not a pain in my neck plus when the occasional I need a hug and I have a boyfriend already he comes in handy. So you see,everything fit quite nicely.
I am a student in a very sad institution heaven knows am waiting patiently to graduate with my poor degree. The reality of this is not am a poor student but in order to pass your courses well you just have to sort out your courses and sincerely speaking I’ll rather spend my money buying Beyoncè’s lemonade album on itunes as dollar is now #305 than give it to a mean lecturer who wouldn’t give me my proper score(nah,am just kidding I don’t feel right sorting that’s all).I do intend to go for a second degree where I intend to make it right and not ending up on the streets or worse being a liability to anybody at all. Coupled with the known fact I don’t have a talent,education is just my meal ticket if not…ptfff I don’t even want to think of it.
Compared to everyone else on planet earth the only second best thing am good at is sleeping (I do wonder if there’s a competition where am just awarded for sleeping longest) I still have an over active imagination which often than not gets me into trouble,one time I suggested we dropped nails round the house and my dad’s tires fell victim.I doubt you’ll want to know what went down after that,I still have a scar.
Attending a conventional university is the best thing that happened to me if you minus the time I got to meet the past Commander-in-Chief of my country,like an average Nigerian girl who leaves home for the first time,I was timid and couldn’t hold a conversation for more than a minute. I do not want to know if my name fits my face,or why I think my dad chose the name or my voice sounds like an American child I just want to head to my bed in peace not as though the bed in particular was my usual large sized bed. In fact the bed was small,hostel size mattresses with terrible iron bunks which made you think every morning if you had an abortion three days before(that was the worst I could think of please) eventually got used to the bunk thank God. Forward four more years and am in my final level I’ve not died,I’ve not dropped out,I’ve not joined a society yet,I’ve not had a kid either. It’s either my Chi has not forgotten me or am just the most lucky person on planet earth.
Anyway my story really begins from here. My final year in the university I can’t believe it my girls and I are still waxing strong despite what people said in our first year talks on how we all going to separate. I still laugh at all them soothsayers. My boyfriend and I have been having a really rocky relationship now,most times I want to give up then other times I remember reasons why we should still stay together at least for the time being.



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